June Update

Summer Fun and Pine Curtain Stories

Hello, and Happy June! I’m not a fan of summer and try to fill June to September with as much as I can to distract myself from the heat and general malaise that comes with this season. (In Texas, at least. I’m sure it’s easier to take in other, less sweaty places.)

Travel is always a good distraction for me. We just got back from New York City, and have some other short road trips planned between now and September, when we go to Washington, DC. My husband has a pretty active work travel schedule from June-January, and I tag along or meet him out when I can.

For me, summer is also a time for air conditioned entertainment, and I have to get creative since most of our regular TV shows are on hiatus. (Poor me, haha.) To get through this difficult time, I’ve been watching Happy Endings and King of the Hill on Hulu, Chernobyl on HBO, Good Omens on Amazon, and we just watched the adorable Always Be My Maybe on Netflix. Other shows in the pipeline include Aggretsuko Season 2 (I think she’s my Patronus!) and Stranger Things which returns to Netflix July 4. (I know, that’s a lot! In case you’re wondering: yes, I work; yes, I have hobbies and no, we don’t have kids but our cat is really high maintenance. Luckily she enjoys TV time as well.)

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading, thanks to my Dallas Public Library ebook app. I will say nice things about public libraries all day long. My library card and particularly its ebooks are indispensable! Favorite things I’ve read recently include: The Dreamers, by Karen Thompson Walker (A short but compelling read); The Unwinding of the Miracle, by Julie Yip-Williams (Have your Kleenex nearby) and The Great Believers, by Rebecca Makkai (another heartbreaker.)

I’ve also been writing and making art around what I’ve started calling the
Pine Curtain Stories.

A few recent posts include:

…How summer used to be so much better and…

…Life after rejection from the Shiny Happy People squad.

A third post, Love Hurts was a tough one to write, but necessary I think. There are so many good things about growing up in a small town and a small community, but there are challenges as well. This post is about that. While we all have different stories, I do think there are complicated parts of our lives that we all have to reckon with eventually. Maybe by sharing some of mine, it will help others feel less alone in situations that aren’t black and white, and contain a lot of gray areas to navigate.

When I decided to start writing these, I put some editorial guardrails up to keep myself from oversharing and potentially hurting myself and others. I made a decision not to write about stories that don’t overlap with my own; I only write about my perspective, and I try very hard not to make assumptions without providing supporting explanations. I also do not write to air grievances. Number one, my friends were perfect angels and I don’t remember any grievances! Mostly though, even when I’m writing about hard things, I want people to feel good reading them. So, that’s the goal and tone I’m working toward. With that said, if someone made a life decision that wound up in the newspaper’s crime section, I feel that is fair game (with the necessary obscured details, of course.)

Thank you again for your support! These are not stories I’ll generally share on Facebook, so please check the ‘blog for more timely updates.

With love and best wishes,